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For us the first step into the future is the passion for technology and the successful cooperation between our customers and us by reaching the goals we have set together. In order to do so we have put together a special team at AuPro GmbH.

Proprietor and manager

Christian Radtke

Managing partner

Uwe Radtke

Managing partner

Our team

17 employees, one task: improving your competitiveness

teamAt present 17 employees are working at AuPro GmbH. Our team includes technicians, engineers and specialist workers. We are constantly growing in line with technological developments and always think one step ahead in order to guarantee you a competitive advantage on the market. This we do already since 1995

We always create new ideas in combination with already known concepts and solutions in order to accomplish smooth production processes and control tasks. We – the AuPro GmbH – are aiming to meet the demands of “Made in Germany” in all aspects. Our engagement pursues one goal: to create a competitive benefit for you and your company on the current market. This we will accomplish through fast operational procedures, which take your timetable into account, through efficient production, through innovative management processes. All of these components provide planning security for your operational efficiency, be it at your facility or for your customers and the resale of your products.

We are looking forward to the future

In order to provide products of high quality we always set very high demands for ourselves to comply with the high standards and directives. We are proud that we have been certified regarding the DIN ISO 9001 guidelines since 1998. The yearly audits show that our work meets the demands of the set directives.