Switchgear engineering

The headquarters of your production

One of our core competencies is the area of automation of switchgear constructions. The switchgear is often the central element of a production or a construction. All of the information about working and production processes is being brought here together. Our portfolio fills a wide range of small control systems to complete automated solutions of production processes.

Quality of AuPro

High-quality components, rapid implementation

High-quality components, rapid implementation

Besides providing you an exclusive competitive advantage, we always aim for a high quality, unrivalled work ourselves. We secure this demand through top-quality components, which guarantee low-maintenance switchgear. We are working together with well-known producers, which have proven themselves on the market through reliable quality and longevity.

We know that your time is money as well and that’s why we only stock-up with high-graded components. Through this, long delivery times can be dropped and we guarantee short implementation times. Before delivery, each switchgear is undergoing a functional test procedure. This is how we define quality at AuPro.

Individuality of AuPro

Not any switchgear but your switchgear

We don’t sell you a solution from the shelf but construct a switchgear, which fits exactly to your entrepreneurial demands. Control cabinet are being constructed directly in our facility in Bützow. Here we produce sheet steel -, high-grade steel- and synthetic implementations for low-voltage main distribution boards, switchgear – and control constructions as well as MSR systems.

Because your switchgear is supposed to fit visual as well, we will adjust it optical and spatial to your existing facility. We will put your personal entrepreneurial characteristics into consideration and offer flexible and low-cost solutions (for example special painting and/or special measures).  Production always depends on the respective working standards of each country.