PLC + visualisation

Alle Mess- und Steuerparameter im Blick

In your company you surely face challenges on a regular basis. You intent to widen programs, adjust pre-existing facilities or put completely new facilities in operation. We offer to program controlling systems that are individually coordinated to your projects. Functional extensions do not always mean a completely new facility. We work a variety of bus systems, which we are able to integrate in pre-existing facilities without any complications.

Through our visualisation systems are we able to give you abroad understanding and an insight of the complex process operations that are behind all these cables and switchgears. We display the whole facility for you through visualisation and show you all needed measurement and control parameters.

Modular construction guarantees high flexibility

We adjust your facility precisely to your demands. In order to do so, we work with a modular design that allows us a high grade of flexibility in developing an individual facility. We optimise your process workflow after a thoroughly analysis. We finalise the results from our analysis in a purely technical programming process. After taking over the facility once again, you will be in full control of all production processes that are flexible to control and to monitor. And naturally do we offer trainings for your employees to use the new or adjusted facility correctly.

Our services at one glance:

  • Usage of a variety of bus systems if required
    (Profinet, Profibus, ASI-Bus, …)

  • Integration into pre-existing systems
  • Modular construction
  • High flexibility
  • Expandable
  • Integrative remote maintenance
  • PLC systems are from Siemens, Eaton, etc.
  • Visualisation systems are from Siemens (WinCC Flexible, WinCC)