Services of the AuPro GmbH

Consultancy. Planning. Projecting. These tasks start there where something has to be automatized, processes need to be accelerated, products have to be manufactured in a more efficient way and manpower has to be released.

We provide automation processes, which is coordinated towards the company structure of our customers.

Preparatory work

Consultancy, planning, project design

Our customers usually have one request: they want a professional and an honest consultancy.

Do you have a facility-specified issue? From us you can expect solution that is competitive on the market. For this, we sit together with our clients, talk, develop and plan the extension of pre-existing facilities or the construction of a new facility. We use our experience and our know-how to provide the best service.

Why are we the right people to contact for your projects? For your project we put together a team of technicians and engineers, which has a great expertise in working on different project in Germany as well as abroad.

At the end of the preparatory work, beginning with the first idea a plan will be developed that only works with the up-to-date technology, which will be implemented with in a cost-oriented framework.

The implementation

Production, installation, commissioning


We are going the way of individual automation literally from the cradle to the rocking chair. You will profit from it regarding time as well as money while we will offer you solutions from one hand. The collaboration will not end with the finalisation of the new systems; we will also continue to be your person to contact when you have repair requests or for the regular maintenance.

Transparency behind every work step

We don’t plan and implement out automation concepts behind closed bars. Every working step is certificated regarding the DIN ISO 9001 guidelines and will be understandable for you. The circuit diagrams develop from modern working stations with the engineering tool: EPLAN. Our work is “Made in Germny”, originating directly from our facilities in Bützow.

Our services include:

  • The conception of programmable control systems
  • Programming of individual and computer-based operator- and visualisation software

Because of this, you will be able to be fully in control of production processes as well as monitoring processes.


And what if something goes wrong?

We will be there as soon as possible to help and advise you, be it through the phone or through further services or remote servicing.